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Speed Queen Multi Housing Quantum System

Multi-Housing Quantum System Commercial Washers & Dryers – Horizon® Line

The Quantum™ System
The community laundry room as an efficient amenity? It’s a novel concept, but so is Speed Queen’s Quantum™system. This cutting-edge microprocessor control gives building owners and property managers unparalleled ability to reduce water and energy costs through advanced programmability. Speed Queen laundry service providers deliver further value with Quantum’s™management capabilities, which offer automated secured audit reports on machine use and collections, helping them better manage this aspect of their business.

Where Quantum™ truly excels is in creating an amenityto help attract and retain residents. Not only does thecontrol work in concert with Speed Queen washers anddryers to help residents complete their cycles quickly, italso offers a variety of features and premium wash settingsthat enable them to tailor cycles to their specific needs.

Quantum™ is the total package,offering the options andwash quality residents demand along with the manage-ment tools for tracking machine activity by location andexpediting service to machines.

Front Load Washer

  • Low water and energy consumption.
  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified.
  • CEE tier three rating

Horizon® Quality Features

  • The “Big Load Door” opening is an extra wide 15.5″for easy loading and unloading of clothes.
  • See-through door convenience with 180° swing foreasy loading and unloading. The hinge is a robust 10″steel piano style to maintain door alignment.
  • Complies to all ADA guidelines for front reach.
  • Frontmount supply dispenser automatically adds detergent, bleach and softener.
  • Extra-large 18 lb capacity wash cylinder with three full-length baffles.
  • High speed extract of 1,000 RPM final spinexerts 300 G-Force to maximize moistureremoval from clothes.
  • Freestanding design features four large auto-motive size shocks for installation on most floor levels or types.
Quantum ™ PDA and Software

  • Secured automated tamper proof accountability system.
  • Tracks coin or card transactions.
  • Downloads data from machine in three seconds.
  • Windows mobile PDA for auditing and programming.
  • PDA functions: Collect data, Machine activity, Maintenance – service and diagnostics, Programming – machine cycles.

High Efficiency Drying Convenience

  • A wide door opening of 2.06 the industry’s largest, offering residents the convenience of easy loading and unloading.
  • Durable galvanized steel cylinder with extra-large 18lb capacity. The gentle tumble action minimizes wrinkles.
  • Door is reversible for installation flexibility (solid door models only). The up-front lint filter is easy to clean and secured.
  • Quiet, efficient blower system with superior airflow of 220 cu. ft. per minute for fast drying and lower operating costs.
  • Efficient dryer heating with 25,000 Btu (gas models) and 5,350 Watts (electric models).
  • Extended safety tumble.

Control Features

  • Extra-large four-digit display of price and time. Counts down vend price to start and cycle time.
  • Safety door lock initiated after vend start.
  • LED cycle indicators.
  • Push pad selector with sound annunciator.
  • Cycle selections for Normal, Permanent Press,and Delicate with settings for Hot, Warm or Coldwater fill.
  • Cold water rinses to save on energy consumption.
  • Premium wash cycle programming for bonus revenue streams. Options could include:
        • Heavy soil level prewash, extra wash and rinse time. Default:$2.00/Bonus:$0.50/Total vend:$2.50
        • Medium soil level – with extra wash and rinse time. Default:$2.00/Bonus:$0.25/Total vend:$2.25.
        • Light soil level.• Default:$2.00
  • Dryer control can be programmed with minutes and seconds countdown.

Stack Washer/Dryer Saves Space and Energy

  • This innovative stacked concept takes up half the floor space that a conventional washer and dryer do when situated side by side.
  • The freestanding softmount design can be installed on most floor types or levels.
  • Both the washer and dryer have the same hookups and connections as a standard washer and dryer,so no additional plumbing or electrical change is needed.

Programming Features

  • Multi-level vending. Each cycle, temperature, soil level can be vended seperatly, 27 possible pricing combinations.
  • Vend price – default $2.00 ($0.25 increments).
  • Drying time and temperatures.
  • Premium wash cycle programming for bonus revenue streams.
  • Dry times top-off option.
  • Time-of-day price promotion.
  • Two-way communication by infrared technology.

Activation Features

  • Coin Models – Coin models are equipped with a validator for coins.
  • Card-Ready Models – Card-ready models are activated by smart card reader.

Available Models
SFNLCFS Front Control Washer
SFNLCFJ Front Control Washer (Supply Injector)
SDELCFG Electric Front Control Dryer
SDGLCFG Gas Front Control Dryer
STELCFS Electric Stack Washer/Dryer
STGLCFS Gas Stack Washer/Dryer
SFNLYFS Front Control Washer
SDELYFG Front Control Electric Dryer
SDGLYFG Front Control Gas Dryer
STELYFS Electric Stack Washer/Dryer
STGLYFS Gas Stack Washer/Dryer