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New Investors To Coin Operated Laundry Systems

This is the time to take charge of your future. Invest in a brand new commercial coin laundromat in Alabama, Tennessee or Kentucky. Don't hold your breath for Social Security. Build your security by owning your own recession proof business.

Is the coin/card laundry industry for you? Do you like to be your own boss? Are you willing to work hard at developing a new business? Are you a strong independent, entrepreneur? Most of all, are you looking for a healthy return-on-investment (ROI)? If you've answered "yes" to these questions, the vibrant coin/card laundry industry may be an exciting industry for you to explore! Limited opportunities are available for you to own your own modern, high-tech, Coin/card Laundry. Star Distributing will help you find the answers to these questions and many more.

New Investors To Coin Operated Laundry Systems



Since two income households now make up the majority of the workforce, busy families save time and money by doing their wash at the local self-service coin/card laundry. Furthermore, many young couples have neither the need nor desire to buy washers and dryers. Their priorities are nice clothes, entertainment, and leisure activities. They are happy to leave laundry chores up to a professional wash/dry/fold service at a local professional coin/card laundry. These are two big reasons why the Small Business Administration ranks coin/card laundries as one of today's best business opportunities. 

This recession resistant business offers its owners the chance to be part of a growing trend of investors tapping into an exciting and profitable all cash business. Thousands of satisfied owners are enjoying the financial rewards of this multi-billion dollar industry. Forbes magazine has written about the high return associated with the ownership of these ultra-modern, customer friendly, low risk businesses.

Star Distributing

Commercial Laundromat For Sale - How would you like to begin reaping the benefits by owning your own laundromat? Purchase an existing laundromat or have Star Distributing build you a Brand New Laundromat. We have built fully outfitted Commercial Coin Laundromats as a complete turnkey business.

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Please review Investing In Laundromats by Speed Queen. Speed Queen is the market share leader when it comes to the commercial laundry industry and Star Distributing is one of Speed Queen's oldest distributors in the US.

Consider some of the benefits of a coin/card laundry business:

  • It's an all cash business with no accounts receivable or inventory. 
  • Washing laundry is a repetitive necessity of life like food, clothing and shelter. 
  • Labor is minimal. An attendant keeps the store clean and handles the wash/dry/fold service. 
  • No special skills are needed to own and operate a coin/card laundry. 
  • The coin/card box is a cash register, and you get paid up-front for use of the machines. 
  • Since the customer serves themselves, it's easy for you to operate multiple stores.