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Coin & Card Operated

Coin & Card Laundromats

The coin & card operated laundry business is more than just washers and dryers. Successful coin operated laundry business owners understand the formula for profitability extends much further. As an industry leader, Speed Queen pours years of market experience into its coin and card operated commercial laundromat equipment to help grow the self service coin & card laundry trade.

Coin & Card Laundromats

Star Distributing has been involved in all aspects of the vended laundry business. This segment of the industry includes coin and card operated laundries. Star Distributing works with new investors in the development of new state of the art commercial coin laundry facilities. Star Distributing also supplies and supports existing coin & card laundromats with replacement equipment, service and parts and supplies for every Laundromat.

  • Star Distributing has established over 5,000 laundry and dry-cleaning facilities.
  • Star Distributing is the oldest laundry distributor in the Southeastern United States under the same ownership, since 1958.
  • Star Distributing offers these commercial laundry services: Site Analysis, Drawing Layouts, Demographics, Construction, Equipment Sales, Financing and supplying all ancillary equipment.
  • Star Distributing carries the best brands in the industry, including Speed Queen and American Dryer.
  • We offer competitive pricing and the support after the sale for all parts and service needs.
  • Star Distributing has been here to service all of your laundry equipment for the past 5 decades.
Coin & Card Laundromats

Our laundry equipment is developed with balance in mind. Washer extractors must deliver not only top-level quality washing results, but the results must be balanced with energy efficiency and water-savings.

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Laundry Equipment Brochures

Star Distributing provides many brochures for download on the commercial laundry equipment we sell. All you need to do is click on any link to open the following documents. You can save download and save any document by right clicking and choose "Save As" then save the document.

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