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Why Should You Replace your Laundry Equipment?


Why Should You Replace your Laundry Equipment?

 A laundromat, like any other retail business, needs to be run and managed properly if it is going to be successful. As a store owner, you can spend your days worrying about your business’ success or feeling secure that your business is running smoothly because you are providing top service that keeps your customers coming back. Overall, a better customer experience means a healthier bottom line.

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Here are other top reasons to consider replacing your equipment:

Higher Income Potential

Increased Retained Income

Higher Bank Balances

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Lower Utility Costs

More Free Time

Lower Maintenance Costs

Fewer Maintenance Problems

Excellent Tax Benefits

Improved Value of your Business

Why Speed Queen?

Replacing your equipment with Speed Queen lets you give your customers the convenience they want, and it makes running your business hassle free. New Speed Queen machines can also significantly reduce your annual utility costs. Combined with advanced controls, they’re designed to conserve more water and use less energy, maximizing cost-savings per square foot of laundromat space.



If you are looking to upgrade your laundry equipment to better serve customers with advanced features and continue to provide an essential service during the current crisis, we’d love to provide you a free replacement analysis upon your request.
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