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Quik Wash

Quik Wash in Lebanon has just finished its major upgrade!!

The family team of Steve and Jennifer Bates and Phylus Redmon first started to evaluate the possibilities back in September of 2015. Richard Dillard has an existing laundry location for sale that needed a lot of work but was in a great area in Lebanon.
Steve and Phylus bought the existing laundry in December and started making big plans for the renovation.

Steve is a contractor so he and his wife Jennifer went to work doing a lot of the paint, drywall, framing and design themselves. The floor was stripped and a brand new epoxy floor was applied to the concrete. The final results were incredible!!
The new equipment includes Speed Queen large capacity washers and dryers as well as a credit card system. These improvements really make a difference in the competitive laundry market!

The fresh and revitalized Quik Wash Laundry re-opened its doors in March to rave reviews! We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Steve, Jennifer and Steve’s mother Phylus on the completely renovated Quik Wash Laundry in Lebanon.

Welcome to the laundry business and the Star Distributing family of customers!!
We wish them all the best in success!

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